Teaching in AVI Academy for Visual Innovation

AVI's concept and general terms and conditions, including terms of payment, for participants, pupils, mentees and course members (in the following referred to as 'participants'):

Terms of payment

Participants will only be finally admitted to the selected course of study once payment has been duly registered by AVI /  the administration.

An invoice will be issued once the course registration is confirmed. 

Payment should take place via home banking, including bank transfer.

Payment of the basic amount in relation to long-term courses of study must be made no later than one month before commencement of the course - or on registration - in accordance with the agreement. 

Payment of the basic amount in relation to short-term courses must be made no later than eight days after receipt of the invoice - in accordance with the agreement.

In case of late payment, a fee of DKK 100 will be charged per reminder. If the agreed amount is not paid on time, the participant's booking will no longer be valid.


Courses, tuition, etc. offered to private individuals are not subject to VAT. Businesses and retailers registered for VAT will be invoiced through Businesstoheart, an affiliated business under the auspices of AVI.

Right to cancel

Participants are entitled to cancel their course registration up till four weeks before the commencement of the course.  In such a case, the basic amount will be refunded, but not the admission/administration fee (minimum DKK 150 or the equivalent of 10% of the total course fee).

Cancellation or disenrolment must take place in writing to AVI's office, avi@mail.dk. Interruption of the course of non-appearance does not entitle the participant to any refund, meaning that all course fees paid will be lost. 

Absence and participation

In the event that it turns out that a participant is not able, AVI can refuse to continue teaching the participant concerned. Where a participant is absent to a wide extent or is the cause of inconvenience to the other participants, AVI reserves the right to expel the participant if s/he does not respond positively to prior warnings. Expelled participants are not entitled to any refund of course fees.

In case of illness or absence, AVI should be notified in the morning via phone or SMS, M: 23 24 35 35.

Participants in the full-time course of study who wish to pass a make-up exam will be charged an exam fee.

Children and young participants must, following the introduction/welcome on the first day of the course, be able to attend the course without being accompanied by an adult.


The fee for courses for adult participants does not cover expenses relating to own materials. The participant defrays all expenses for own materials for purposes of the course of study, including entrance fees at museums and expenses relating to models.

The fee for courses for children and young participants covers materials to be used during the course.

Financial support and discounts

Certain municipalities and job centres offer study grant schemes. Ask your caseworker or student adviser! 

If the course is financed by the public authorities, the applicant should state so in connection with the course registration. AVI must be in receipt of the entire course fee, or a written confirmation of prepayment, before the commencement of the course. An administrative fee of DKK 1,000 will be added in case of other types of payment. AVI reserves the right to procure information about the participant's ability from a caseworker, if relevant.

Club or deal customers may obtain a discount, which cannot be combined with other types of discount, e.g. in respect of the obligatory admission fee.

Application and data

Copyright: AVI has the copyright to all works of art performed under the auspices of AVI. That is to say that AVI is entitled to copy and publish works of art made during courses.

Representation: The participant accepts to receive confirmations, news and course-relevant information via email and newsletters.


Users of AVI's teaching segment and facilities bear the responsibility for their own materials and works of art.  AVI assumes no responsibility for keeping forgotten objects, including materials produced during courses. All participants should be covered by their own personal liability and accident insurance.

Akademiet for Visuel Innovation

AVI is an auto-financed design and draughtsmanship school, which is not supported by any public schemes. Participants are not eligible for state education grants. Applicants should themselves investigate if they are eligible for any public support, as this is often an individual matter.